Our probate practice is prepared to help clients develop a testamentary plan that maximizes the use and benefit of an individual or couple’s estate assets. Whether our clients require simple or complex testamentary documents, we will draft them in accordance with the client’s testamentary plan. In addition to testamentary documents, we provide clients with a durable power of attorney and advance health care directive. These documents provide important direction relating to property and health care decisions in the event a client becomes incapacitated.

We also represent estates during an administration before the probate court in contested and uncontested matters. We work to ensure that the estate’s interests are advanced before the court and that the estate successfully navigates the probate process.

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Flat Fee Services*

Estate Planning Packages

Starter Family Package – $400/individual or $650/couple

  • Includes a one hour consultation, Simple Will** with two revisions, advance directive, durable power of attorney, and execution and notary services.

Significant Assets Package – $600/individual or $950/couple

  • Includes a one hour consultation, Modified Will*** with two revisions, advance directive, durable power of attorney, and execution and notary services.

Additional Options:

  • Testamentary (Family) Trust – $150/trust
  • Other Trust Structures – $250/trust
  • Custom Drafting – $150/section
  • Revisions (after revisions included in package) – $150/revision
  • Consultation (after time included in package) – $265/hour
  • Custom Estate Plan Binder (18 tabs) – $75

**a Simple Will includes a basic disposition of property through the will with no trusts or custom distribution or unusual drafting requests.

***a Modified Will includes a Simple Will plus one trust and one custom distribution or unusual drafting request.

Unbundled Services*

Advance Directive – $150

Durable Power of Attorney – $150

Basic Trust Document – $350

Hourly Services

Custom Testamentary Documents

Potential clients with probate-able assets in excess of $1 million dollars are encouraged to schedule a free one hour consultation to discuss their estate plan.

Upon executing an engagement agreement, we will develop and draft a fully custom estate plan that includes your will, trust documents, advance directive, and durable power of attorney.

Estate Administrations

Upon the passing of a loved one, we offer our services to next-of-kin for the purpose of walking them through the process of “probating” an estate.

We begin by explaining the process in detail and then we gather necessary information for the purpose of opening the estate with the probate court.

We work to discover potential issues before they arise and then we work to remediate identified issues swiftly. We also broker negotiations among interested parties to ensure that the probate process moves forward.

Our goal is to reduce the anxiety and concern of our clients as we work through the process of managing the estate.

Estate Contests

On occasion, it may be necessary to challenge the validity of an estate or testamentary document.

Due Diligence

When next-of-kin or interested parties wish to learn more about the status of an estate, we will go to work on their behalf to discover such information and report our findings.

Due to the custom nature of the above-described services, they are offered at rate of $265 per billable hour.*

*Prices and rates subject to change.


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